Week 2:

How to use a wiki.

The site you are using here is known as a wiki. The most famous use of a wiki is to house the online reference site, Wikipedia. The reason we are using a wiki for our PBL this term is because it is an easy way to publish your work to the world, it allows for collaboration between students in real time, enables you to easily link to your online resources when solving your problem, and every change made to the wiki can be tracked and undone if needed.

Many wikis have a sandbox page where newcomers (that's you!) can go and play to get used to the functions of this application. Click on the sandbox link on your Learning Area page.

Your pair or group will be set up with links to starter pages on Your Learning Area page. Once you have mastered the basic skills on the wiki, you will be expected to create your own pages, add to your own navigation from your starter page, type in your own content, and add images and links to websites and other web resources as you go.

Copyright and Intellectual Property.

An area we will be encouraging all MYLU students in during our PBL is to develop a greater understanding of copyright and how it works. Today, we would like you all to read this webpage Copyright Kids! and with your partner, type up five essential dot points about copyright as it affects you in your work using the internet.