To really hone up your wiki skills, you will be participating in an Internet Treasure Hunt. This involves using your recently revised Google search skills to track down and add key components to your wiki page. Here's what you need to do in the time allocated. You will be working in pairs or a three to work on this task.

  • Start by making a New Page, giving it a team name title and adding it with a link to your Learning Area page.
  • Together, either on the same computer or separately, you need to search for the following items and add them to your wiki page.

1. Three images of Australian birds that are either copyright free or cited in the way demonstrated below. external image spine-billBOpt.jpg

2. Two links to current news items that mention the phrases "Aussie spirit" or "Australian way of life."

US 'threatens Australian larrikinism'

3. Four definitions of Australian slang words or words unique to Australia.
Dunny - Australian word for toilet or bathroom.

4. Two famous modern Australian songs and links to their lyrics.
"Land Down Under" by Men At Work.

5. The capital cities of all Australian states and the latest population figures for each.
ACT - Canberra - 325,800
Canberra's population growth slows

6. Four links to websites featuring popular Australian made TV shows.
McLeod's Daughters

7. Five logos from five different Australian sporting teams.
external image club_logo.gif
8. Three famous Australians not involved in sport or entertainment.
Sir Douglas Shields (1876-1952): a forgotten Australian surgeon.

There will be a prize for the most items collected accurately by each class group by lesson's end. Good luck.